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Veeshna Vi Sinne – EL3NSAR ft. Shreya Ghoshal and Madhushree


I had Ambient music in mind but I don’t think that’s what this is. Spend like 10-20 minutes a day on this trying to release some tension…

Purely experimental. So, don’t ask where is the chorus or verse…

Ambient Music+Dubstep-Style Wobble Bass+Indian Instruments+Exotic Vocals

I would like to credit Shreya Ghosal and Madhushree for the vocal samples. It’s their awesome voices that gives the exotic touch to the track. And the one and only A.R. Rahman. Sorry I stole your stuffs:)
Don’t bother asking what the vocal means. They are just some reversed Tamil vocal samples.


Vocal samples:
Vaaji Vaaji – SIvaji The Boss
Munbe Vaa – Jillunu Oru Kaadhal

Source by ELENSAR