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Travel Indoors! (Black Travel Summit Digital Sessions)Travel Indoors! (Black Travel Summit Digital Sessions)


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Our inaugural summit may be postponed due to the Rona, so we’re meeting where the Rona can’t get us!

About this event

Join us on Instagram Live for monthly digital sessions with a variety of Black travel influencers, Black ski groups, Digital Nomads, and more as we discuss a variety of topics to get you traveling more, for less!

Topics include the Black experience in travel, ways to create and market your brand successfully, making a living while traveling, growing the Black travel industry, and more!

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December 19, 2021Peter Brooks – business owner, VP of Growth Marketing for BET, father, and travel lover

On December 19th, we’ll meet with Peter Brooks, to discuss the following topics:

– Making time for travel on a tight schedule,

– Scaling a digital business,

– Every career path under the Marketing umbrella and how to choose what’s right for you when deciding to become a digital nomad,

And much more…

January 23, 2022Ebony the Travel Nurse Practitioner

On January 23rd, we’ll meet with travel nurse Ebony to discuss the following topics:

– How to to travel full-time as a nurse,

– Making a living through travel,

– Tips for traveling solo,

And much more…

February 20, 2022Sharinda Williams – The PTO Nomad

On February 20th, we’ll meet with Sharinda to discuss the following topics:

– Work-life balance in the Black community,

– Tips to being a working wanderer,

– Prioritizing self over others,

And much more…

March 20, 2022Jon Robert – Co-founder of the Yacht Club Company

On March 20th, we’ll meet with Jon to discuss the following topics:

– Establishing a company abroad,

– Making a living in travel,

– Tips for traveling full-time,

And much more…

Previous Sessions

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