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R3 Radio – Episode 7


November 28, 2013 – Episode # 7

On this month’s show Tej holds it down by himself as Z travels the world on his own projects and in search for sounds. But the R3 Radio standard of great segments and music stays strong through this one. Featuring an interview with one of the greatest percussionists in Canada, Santosh Naidu. A couple of exclusives on this one, make sure you check it out!

[Episode #7] – Track Listing

Track 1 [2:00]
Tigerstyle- Zulfaan De Naag (G-TA remix)
Two of our favorite forces get together to make this monster of a hit! Off of Tigerstyle’s Digi-Bhang album, the remixes on this single are as good as the song itself, if not better. And who better than one of R3’s favorites G-TA to call upon for a remix. The powerful female vocals mixed with some heavy beats will keep you moving.

Track 2 [5:50]
DJ Halo- Bhari Naina (ft Priti Menon)
Featuring him in back to back shows, DJ Halo’s got that vibe we appreciate at R3. Soulful female vocals mixed in with some calming bass; what’s not to like on this one. His remixes are featured all over soundcloud so make sure you check him out further.

Track 3 [9:10]
Vaz- Perfection (ft Sef Kadi, prod. by PKC)
Our boy is back with a remix to this crazy single off his first EP. PKC took a classic and made it classic-er (???)… you know what we mean though. This combination cannot be defeated; check out the soul and vibe on this one. Loving it!

Track 4 [13:50]
Imran Ahmed- Crows Will Lead the Way (Fahad Zaman remix)
Representing the Dhaka Electronic Scene… that’s right the DHAKA ELECTRONIC SCENE! Fahad Zaman is a 22 year old dude out of Bangladesh experimenting with electronic music borderline glitch hop sound. This track was originally composed by Imran Ahmed from the band Lalon, but Fahad Zaman adds some great edge to it. Keep on top of this guy and this scene; about to blow up!

Track 5 [17:30]
Chase & Status- Eastern Jam (Camson ‘Silsila Trap’ Bootleg)
This is Z doing his thing, digging in the crates and the deep dark corners of the internet for the hottest sounds. Camson takes this big tune, which was originally taken from Devdas and then respun by legendary Chase & Status and really makes it his own. Trap it up!
Segment [21:30]
Santosh Naidu Interview

Track 6 [36:45]
Nucleya- Jamrock
So Nucleya just went and blew everyone’s head by releasing his newest EP “Koocha Monster”. Go download it now, can’t big this up enough, it will having you moving all the way through. Nucleya boley…

Track 7 [40:00]
DJ Vipin- Javeda Zindagi vs The Great Divide (2013 Rewoke Mashup)
DJ Vipin is quickly becoming the mashup king of the South Asian genre with his many many works available online. He takes one of our favorite tunes and adds some electronic deepness to it. Some more great talent coming your way from Dubai… are we ready to host a Asian electronic/dub night out there?

Track 8 [44:38]
Seraph- Right at Home
The words, the voice, the concept = a banger. The newest RnB sensation to bless us at R3. Got that deepness that will have you in thoughts, thinking of a moment, definitely that type of music that takes you somewhere. Keep posted with this kid. This song even has a video.
Track 9 [48:55]
Nuphlo- Mowgli’s Girl
Bagheera, Balu, Colonel Hathi, King Louis, Sher Khan… the characters from our childhood. Who didn’t sing along to “Bare Necessities”? Nuphlo has us loving his music and vibe for years, but tell me how he just took a childhood memory and turned it into a dirty dirty tuuuuune!

Track 12 [52:20]
Rimshox- Blue Lights
And of course we end with our monthly Rimshox segment of the show as we do every single time. ‘Till next time!

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