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Neurodiversity – Masterclass SeriesNeurodiversity – Masterclass Series


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Experience a broad range of topics and world-class speakers; from neurodiverse individuals and advocates to researchers and employers.

About this event

The International Neurodiversity Society Working Group presents a Masterclass series on Neurodiversity.

Having begun in February 2021, the series will be entering its second year in 2022. We aim to showcase a diverse range of speakers and subjects from across the globe and the Neurodiverse community, academia, and industry . Previous speakers include Judy Singer, Prof Simon Baron Cohen. All previous sessions can be watched back here.

All are welcome to join.

Sessions take place monthly, on the fourth Thursday of the month. Register here; a link to the zoom sessions will be sent to you the day before the webinar.

The next session is 25th November 2021 with Aidan Healy, CEO of Lexxic. Lexxic are leaders in the field of neurodiversity in the workplace. As a specialist occupational psychological consultancy with a fourteen-year track record, they partner with over 200 organisations each year to empower neurodiverse talent and reshape their workplace culture. Aidan will join us to speak on “Developing a Neurodiversity Strategy for the Workplace.”

Upcoming Sessions :

25th November – Aidan Healy – Lexxic, Psychologists supporting Neurodiversity

27th January – Davida Hartman – Clinical Director & Principal Psychologist | The Children’s Clinic | The Adult Autism Practice

24th February – Dr Seonaid Anderson – Research Psychologist & neurodiversity consultant – Tics and Tourette Syndrome

24th March – Qona Rankin – Dyslexia coordinator, Royal College of Art

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