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Initiation Big Band Creative Jazz Institute 2018 – 7:23:18, 10.19 PM


This is a live recording of the Creative Jazz institute Big Band performing my arrangement of an original composition, Initiation.
It was recorded on July 21st 2018. The students did a great job on the piece, they worked hard on performing and improvising during a 2 week jazz summer camp intensive. Bravo students! You inspire me and made me dance!
Flute-Cayla Vu
Alto 1- Isaac Ketter
Alto 2-Patrick Kelly
Tenor 1-Bryce Baliko
Tenor 2-Mario Venneri
Bari-David Salamon
Trumpet 1-Isaiah Taylor
Trumpet 2-William Crosley
Trumpet 3-Matias Ng
Trumpet 4-Vincent Scauzzo
Trombone 1-Jasyn Brazoban
Trombone 2-Gabriela Schawartz
Trombone 3-Katherine Snyder
Bass Trombone Juran Scott
Guitar-Raquel Rosenwald
Guitar-Ezra Imaizumi
Piano-Maya Keren
Vibes-Brandon Vu
Drums-Mekhi Boone
Percussion-Julian Miltenberger

Source by Sumi Tonooka